The race will start on Alcudia market promenade. The itinerary will go through coves, beaches and paths of Atalaya of Alcudia. 

Starting location: Mare de Déu de la Victoria promenade. 

Finish line: Beach promenade, at the Beach Garden Aparthotel. 


Distance of the itinerary: 28 km. Swim: 4.7 km and Run: 23.3km 



  • Teams will be formed by two people. The number of participants will be 400
  • Inscriptions are by teams or individual. 
  • The prices of the inscriptions are per team or individual.  
  • The teams can be women’s, men’s or mixed. There will be prizes for the three best runners of each category.


  • Participants must wear the compulsory material during the race. Controls will be done from the starting location to the finish line. 
  • Failure to comply with this norm will entail the automatic disqualification of the team.
  • The two members of the team must be together at all times, and there cannot be more than 10 metres between them.  
  • All participants are obliged to help any participant that is in an emergency situation and to warn the organising company.
  • Any buoyancy or propulsion aid system must be a maximum size of 100cm x 60cm, and must be worn during the race at all times, from the beginning to the finish line.
  • The use of any mechanical or automatic aid is forbidden.

Open Circuit

  • The running stages will be open, so you may meet followers of the race. Mutual respect is encouraged
  • The race is celebrated in sensitive natural spaces (sea, beaches, promenades, tracks). Respect for the environment is encouraged (littering is forbidden)

Compulsory Equipment

  •  Wetsuit, one per person.
  • Goggles, one pair per person
  • Swimrun shoes, one pair per person.
  • Water whistle, one per person.
  •  Chip, one per person.
  • Roadmap, provided by the organising company, one per person
  •  Race hat compulsory in all the stages in open sea , provided by the organising company, one per person.



  • Mobile
  • Waterproof buoy or similar for security in the sea and for carrying the mobile, one per team
  • Belt pouch for carrying the equipment and provisioning (one per team)
  • Clothespin to hold the waterproof buoy during the running stages.
  • Rope/elastic band to keep feet together in the water (maximum length 10m)
  • Gel/energetic bar
  • Buoyancy or propulsion aid system (mitten, pull buoy)


  • Accommodation: the official hotel of the race is the Alcudia Garden of Puerto de Alcudia.
  • Pick up of the race belt at the official hotel the previous afternoon of the race from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Briefing the previous afternoon of the race at 6:00 pm
  • The organising company will take the participants from the official hotel to the starting location.
  • There will be cloakroom service available.
  •  Controls and provisioning. Different control points will be installed in the itinerary. There will be food and beverage for participants at the arrival.
  • Physiotherapy. There will be physiotherapy service at the arrival.
  • Showers. There will be showers available at the hotel.
  • There will be medical service available during the itinerary.
  • Each participant will be provided with a civil liability insurance and accident insurance.



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